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Media Resources

If you’re a member of the media looking for information about San Diego State University, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn about filming on campus, setting up an interview and more.

A Snapshot of SDSU

SDSU is a major public research institution that provides transformative experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, for its 35,000 students. The university offers bachelor's degrees in 94 areas, master's degrees in 78 areas and doctorates in 22 areas. Students participate in research, international experiences, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, and a broad range of student life and leadership opportunities. The university’s rich campus life features opportunities for students to participate in, and engage with, the creative and performing arts, a Division I athletics program and the vibrant cultural life of the San Diego region. For more information, visit

TV Interviews

To arrange an interview, please work with SDSU Media Relations.

Radio Interviews

To set up an interview or make technical arrangements, please work with an SDSU Media Relations.

Photo & Video Guidelines

SDSU has a beautiful, open and vibrant urban campus buzzing with students, faculty and visitors.

News media are welcome to photograph or shoot video of university buildings and scenes using the public sidewalks and areas. For permission to shoot on university property, please contact SDSU Media Relations.

If you are looking for a particular photo, we may already have one you can use. Please check out our SDSU Photo Gallery or contact SDSU Media Relations if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Generally, filming is not allowed in classrooms, student residences or in the library. Media Relations may be able to provide news media with basic b-roll, such as classroom instruction, laboratory research or campus scenery.

Logo Usage

In order to use SDSU's brand elements, such as a logo or images, you must be either an official college, department or program, or a recognized student organization. Or you must receive written permission from Strategic Communications and Public Affairs.

Logo use must comply with Graphic Guidelines for Using SDSU Logos and Symbols produced by the Strategic Communications and Public Affairs office.

University symbols and marks are owned and licensed by SDSU. They may not be incorporated into any other design to create a new symbol and are not to be treated as illustrations.

University symbols may not be electronically or manually altered, stretched, outlined, given drop shadows or enclosed in shapes that appear to be a part of the symbol identity.

As a general policy the SDSU logos are reserved for university communications and community relations. The use of SDSU logos implies endorsement by the university as an institution. Permission is required for non-university use.

General guidelines for the visual and verbal articulation of the SDSU brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our updated logo and related elements, can be found on the SDSU Brand Central website. For more information and appropriate approvals, contact SDSU Media Relations.

SDSU Publications

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs produces a range of publications.

SDSU NewsCenter is the official source for SDSU news and information. NewsCenter includes stories about SDSU's people, programs, achievements and newsmakers, and features faculty experts commenting on the important news of the day.

360: The Magazine of San Diego State University tells the unfolding story of SDSU in a contemporary voice that emphasizes the university’s outward perspective. A national award-winner, 360 appeals to SDSU alumni and friends with a combination of vibrant graphics and lively storytelling.

SDSU's YouTube channel publishes the latest videos produced by the Strategic Communications and Public Affairs team.